Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting picky

I am getting choosier about the food I eat. Mom says I’m picky, but I keep telling her I'm just refining my palate. From meal to meal, the things I like and dislike change. I let Mom and Dad know what I don’t want by making a disgusted face, picking the offending food up and crushing it in my hand, then sticking my arm out, turning my hand over, and depositing it on the floor. I figure after it’s been there, she won’t try to give it to me again, and Peepa and Matty are glad that I share with them.

As a result of this process, Mom’s been giving me lots of new things to try. So far, I’ve had scrambled eggs with cheese (liked it the first time I had it, but not after that until lunch today), a meatball (hated it – wouldn’t even swallow it), vanilla yogurt (At first I thought - yuck! But today at lunch I ate a whole bowl of it), dried strawberries (yum!), and I’ve been drinking lots of whole milk (I decided I like it after all). Right now the only things I really have been enjoying consistently are bananas, cereal, cheese and applesauce.

I've also been having a good time showing Mom and Dad how much new stuff I can figure out, like opening the tv cabinet from my playpen, chewing a chunk of wood out of my crib, throwing sopping wet washcloths out of my bathtub at Dad and grabbing stuff off the table next to my high chair.

Tuesday Mom and I visited my friend Ellie. After we were there a little bit, Mom left so she could go work. I didn’t mind. I played with Ellie and all her fun toys and took a nice nap. It was fun! When I woke up, Mom was back. We had some lunch, then went down the street with Ellie and her mom, Suzanne, to the sprinkler park. I love the sprayer in the sink, where I take my bath, and the sprayer on the hose outside, and this was even better. There were many colorful, gigantic sprayers everywhere. It is a great way to cool down on a hot day. I can’t wait to see Ellie and the water park again soon!

Yesterday I had another chance to play with someone other than Mom and Dad. My new friend Marta came to hang out with me while Mom went to work again. We had a dance party, I showed Marta all my toys, we made fish faces and she read my books to me. It was a great afternoon!

This morning I was a little grumpy because my molar, which finally cut through my gums, was bothering me. Mom said it would be good to have a change of scenery, so we loaded up the wagon and Matty and headed down to the library. It was not open yet when we got there, but we had a great walk anyway. Lots of people smiled and waved at us, including a policeman, and a guy yelled out his car window, “That’s a nice looking wagon!” I guess he liked my new birthday canopy. There’s no end to the fun we have around here!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One year checkup

Today was a big day for me. I had my one year checkup at the doctor's office. It went really well - the doctor said I'm happy and healthy. Mom and Dad are really excited to hear that. The doctor told us I weigh 19 pounds, 10 ounces. I'm 27.75 inches tall and my head is 46 cm around.

The first yucky part of the visit was the cold table. I didn't like it. It made me cry and Mom said she'll bring a blanket for me next time. I also didn't like getting my shots, but Dad and Mom said they're for the best in the long run. I guess I just have to believe them.

The great part of the visit was all the fun stuff the doctor said I can do and try now. She said I can eat anything, including cows' milk, but shellfish and nuts. I tried some cows' milk with lunch today, and I'm not sure how I like it. At first I gulped it down, then started spitting it out. I've been having a great time spitting food out at Mom and Dad lately, and they still aren't sure what to make of it. I also had some cottage cheese, which I liked better.

The doctor also pointed out how much more I'll be getting into things in the next few months, and that Dad and Mom better get serious about babyproofing. When we got home, Mom put the knives in the cupboard, so when I'm tall enough to reach them, I won't be able to find them. The doctor also said it's time for me to start coloring, which is convenient because our friend Janie gave me some big crayons and a tablet for my birthday. When we got home, Mommy tried to show me how to use them, but I'm not sure I'm ready yet.

If you want to see how I measure up, check my latest growth chart by clicking on it on the right side of the blog.

Monday, July 21, 2008

One is Fun

This weekend I got to celebrate my third first birthday party. I love birthdays! The highlight of the weekend was that Bubbe and Papa visited. They hadn't seen me in a few months, and they were really surprised at how much I've changed since April. They were impressed with my crawling, eating, and general playfulness. I was sure happy to them again. They brought a bunch of presents with them too - a sandbox (which we won't set up until it cools down outside a little bit), fun books, and new toys . My Aunt Laurie also sent a rocking horse, which looks really fun.

While Bubbe and Papa were in Austin, we decided to eat out some. We went to Hut's Hamburgers, one of Mom and Dad's favorite places. I tried guacamole for the first time and really liked it. In fact, it was my first time ever trying tomatoes. So far, I like what I've tasted of them. We sat near the entrance of Hutt's, and I made sure to wave at everyone coming into and leaving the restaurant.

The next day we went to Whole Foods. Bubbe and Papa were pretty impressed with the selection there. I had a delicious lunch with everyone and we got some cute pictures while we were there.

Bubbe and Papa got to spend some quality alone time babysitting me while Mom and Dad went out to dinner. I'm sure they appreciated that. Mom and Dad also took on a new project this weekend since they had some spare time - they built a new fence in the backyard to make better accommodate our dogs. Peepa is still trying to figure out a way to get through the new fence.

Before Bubbe and Papa left, we all went swimming at their hotel pool. I got to show them how much I love to swim. Clearly, my swimming lessons have paid off, because they were very impressed.

On the last night, we had another birthday party with lots of decorations, and I even had my own banana bread. While everyone was taking pictures of me, I broke out a new expression just for the camera. I crinkle my nose, squint my eyes, and make a silly grin. Mom and Dad aren't sure what to make of my new camera face, but Bubbe thought it was hilarious.

I was really sad to see Bubbe and Papa leave, but my parents tell me we'll see them again soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today is my first birthday, and I learned that birthdays are lots of fun. I started today with a birthday banana, which turned out to be pretty much like the bananas I have for breakfast every morning. Mom read me all the funny e-cards and e-mail messages I got, and then things started getting really interesting after I woke up from my morning nap.

While I was sleeping, Mom was busy making cakes! We loaded up the car and headed to Dad's office, where I had a fun little party. I had more of the yummy banana cake Grandma made me in PA, which Mom thought to freeze for this week, and Dad, Mom and all Dad's coworkers visited and celebrated over our yummy treats. Some of them held me and I showed off my crawling skills. It was fun hearing everyone tell me how cute I am.

After we said goodbye, Mom and I headed to Bicycle Sport Shop to pick up a part for the bike trailer Grandma and Grandpa gave me for my birthday. I got my first taste of spending birthday loot - I used some of Mom-Mom and Pop's gift for an axle and a safety flag.

We went home for some lunch and a nap, and I was again surprised at how busy Mom is while I sleep. This time, she had set up my bike trailer. For our first voyage, we rode over to visit Miguel. He was excited to see my new ride. I really like it, but the one thing I didn't like is my helmet. I don't even like wearing a regular hat, and the helmet is heavy. Mom and Dad say it's too bad - if I want to ride behind a bike, I have to wear it. I guess I'll have to work on getting used to it because riding in the trailer is so fun! Mom's excited too. She said it's much easier than she expected, except up small inclines. She liked it so much, after I went to bed, she put the recycling in it and rode to our neighborhood school to drop it off.

After saying happy birthday to and sharing some cake with my neighbor, Candace, whose birthday is also today, I had a delicious dinner and my final birthday surprise - presents! It was great. I got a puppet, some books and a canopy for my birthday wagon (which I got early, last week) from Mom and Dad. Oma sent a green Cheeky Chick tricycle, which I can't wait to try out tomorrow. Aunt Pat, Uncle Neal, Aunt Susan, and Uncle Stuart sent me a Little Superstar toy, which I really wanted after I saw it at my friend Ellie's birthday party last month. And Mom-Mom, Pop, Great-Grandma Millie and Aunt Micki sent me birthday checks, which I'll save for a car or college. It was really nice of everyone to think of me.

We opened presents just before bedtime, and I am excited to play with everything tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to seeing Bubbe and Papa tomorrow. Something (Dad and Mom) tells me they will have more birthday fun in store for me!

Another thing to celebrate today is this is my 100th blog entry! Thanks to everyone who has commented on it, and who lets me, Mom, and Dad know how much they enjoy it.

All in all, I would say I've had a fun first year. Mom and Dad say it's been the best year of their lives. I can't wait to see what's in store next year! Here are some pictures from my fun first birthday.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Cloth Diaper Service

This post is part of a series about my experience wearing cloth diapers, which I decided to include in my blog because a lot of people ask Mom and Dad about it. In previous posts, I talked about why we chose cloth diapers and how cloth diapers work. In this post, I'll tell you about our cloth diaper service.

Mom and Dad really liked the idea of cloth diapers. However, they really didn't like the idea of cleaning them. I don't blame them - yuck! That's probably the biggest reason most people choose disposable diapers. Mom and Dad found a great solution to that problem - Austin Diaper Squad! Previously known as Austin Diaper Service, they are great, because once a week (or more often if necessary) they bring new diapers right to the house and take away the dirty ones. They have super industrial washers that can really get them clean and sanitized. Mom and Dad really like having the diapers delivered right to their door. Plus, as I grow, the diaper service brings the next size up.

Austin Diaper Squad also has a lot of great advice and through their store, Austin Baby, they sell other products for natural babies. Plus, they are really nice! We are very happy with our diaper service, and as long as cloth diapering works for us, we'll continue to do it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love summer!

Watermelon: Before
Summer is the best! We had a great weekend.

Mom has been giving me so much squash that I am a little tired of it. So on Saturday morning, Mom and I went to see Miguel. He gave us one of my favorite things, a watermelon!

After my nap that day, I was kind of grouchy, so Dad and Mom took me outside to my backyard pool for a change of scenery, and it worked - it really put me in a better mood. When we went inside, Mom chopped up the watermelon so I could have a snack. Here are some funny before and after pictures of my watermelon adventure.

Watermelon: After
Sunday was more fun. We went to the pool at the Jewish Community Center, and had more - you guessed it - watermelon for a snack. Eating watermelon is messy, so Dad and Mom make sure there's a pool nearby they can stick me in after I eat it. I got lots of pool-time and lots of watermelon this weekend.

Mom's hard at work right now, so Sunday night Dad and I helped her out by running to the grocery store. We've never done that by ourselves before, and it was great. Dad took my shopping cart cover and really looked out for me. He even strapped me into the seat.

For pictures of our summer fun and a frog we found on our deck during our one and only rainstorm of the summer last week, click here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On the move and having fun

Since we came home from Pennsylvania, Mom's been on the run...after me!

Mom and Dad knew I was getting around a lot more, and faster, while we were gone but since we were in a different environment, they didn't really notice how drastic the change was until we got home. Plus now that she has to take care of me by herself all day, Mom can really tell how good I'm getting at crawling, and I'm also keeping her on her toes by clinging to her more than ever. She says she likes all my extra snuggles, but she is really tired by the end of the day.

Since I liked playing in Grandma's kitchen so much, Mom is letting me play in our kitchen now. I even have my own wooden spoon and some Tupperware!

Another new thing since we got home is I got to try a new kind of squash - spaghetti squash. Mom says it's her favorite, but I'm not sure I like it that much. It's kind of stringy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July in Pennsylvania

I had a great time in Pennsylvania this week visiting family and celebrating.

I received a warm welcome when I arrived Tuesday. We had a big party. I got to see my second cousin Luke and his mom, my first cousin once removed, Katie. Luke is two months younger than me, and I'm looking forward to lots of good times with him. My great-grandparents were there too, Pop and Mom-Mom and Great-Grandma B. Mom-Mom read me a fun story, which Katie's mom, Aunt Jane gave me. Aunt Cindy and Uncle Steve, Seth, Mike and Lana were there, and of course Aunt Lauren, Uncle Daniel, and his girlfriend Vanessa. Mom's friend Heather came too. It was fun to be welcomed by such a great crowd! I showed everyone how good I am at crawling and when they first arrived I finally figured out how to go from crawling to sitting, which I've been working on for a week or two. It was pretty exciting.

There were many neat things about my visit to Pennsylvania. Grandma and Grandpa gave me some spiffy new clothes, so I looked like a slick dude all week. There were loads of cool toys for me to play with, and Uncle Daniel showed me how to work a jack-in-the-box. There are also cats everywhere, whom I liked to chase when I could get away from Mom long enough to do it.

The weather was sunny but much cooler , so we spent lots of time outside on a nice swing. We also took a wagon ride and sat in the lawn, where I had a good time pulling out clumps of grass and watching them fall from my hand. Some crazy birds live there. They built a nest for their babies under the garage. Whenever Uncle Daniel goes near it, they attack him by swooping down at his head. It was funny at first, but when we had to go out to the garage to get my the wagon, they attacked us too!

Almost every night we were there, I spent some quality time with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Lauren while Dad and Mom went out on the town. I don't know what they were doing, but I bet I had more fun than they did! I got to stay up and sleep in later than usual and try some new foods, which was fun. Dad and Mom say that's what grandparents are for!

Thursday we visited Pop and Mom-Mom for lunch. I hopped on Pop, just like in my book, and Mom-Mom gave me Tupperware and a wooden spoon to play with. I liked it so much, Mom says she's never buying me real toys again, and when we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Grandma found some more tupperware and spoons for me to play with there.

Friday was my first 4th of July. It was rainy so we didn't do much for that, and the best part of the day was meeting my Aunt Jen and Uncle Ben, who live in Florida. I had a great time playing with them, and am glad I finally got to meet them.

I'm getting around even more than ever. Mom and Dad say there's a real difference between when we got to Pennsylvania and when we left. They also noticed that the more I get around, the more I get bumped around. They know it's part of it all, but it's still a little scary for them.

The piece de resistance of the trip was my birthday party on Saturday night. My friend Elan lent me his decorations, and Grandma put them up for me (Mom says I will see the decorations again next week). Grandma also made me a delicious banana cake. Everyone else had little cheesecakes, and Grandpa suggested everyone have their own candles so we could all blow them out at the same time. It was cool! Aunt Jen and Uncle Ben gave me some fun animal and shape puzzles that make lots of sounds and Uncle Daniel gave me a See 'n Say, which was his favorite toy when he was little. I also got lots of nice cards, which are like mini-books!

Our flight home was pretty smooth sailing. Everything was on time and Dad and I made friends with the flight attendants on the way home. I played with my See 'n Say and ate more of my yummy cake, so I was pretty happy the whole way back to Austin.

While we were visiting PA, everyone said nice things about my blog. Thank you all for reading it! I've posted some pictures of my fun week.