Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo from Gymboree

Our theme at Gymboree this week is safari. My teacher gave us these cool hats and I figured out a way to make a fun mosquito mask with the hat and the scarves we play with in our class. Mom and my teacher were very impressed with my creativity.

My friend Ethan is behind me. His mom took the photo. He goes to the daycare Hazel and I go to sometimes, Leaps n Bounds. It's not a coincidence; his mom is the one who told my mom about the place.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekends are fun!

We have had a really great time the past couple of weekends.

Last weekend, I woke up one morning to a visitor -- Aunt Lauren! We had a really fun time. We spent some time having lunch with our buddy Prabhakar at a Mexican restaurant with delicious interior Mexican food, Polvo's, in South Austin, visited Dad and some friends at work, went to the Children's Museum, and ate lots of delicious food. She showered us with gifts -- I got a cool grill kit, Hazel got a beautiful print for her room, and we both got some nice new clothes -- and she taught me lots of fun new things to say. Hazel really liked snuggling her. We were so sad to see her go Monday, and we really miss her.

Another neat thing that happened last weekend was Bubbe and Papa sent Hazel and me an early joint birthday gift, and Mom and Aunt Lauren put it together for us. It's called a Learning Tower and it makes it easier for me and eventually Hazel to reach the counter so we can help cook. So far I have helped make smoothies, rice, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It's awesome! It's fun to climb in and out of it, and Mom and Dad are happy that I can't really fall off a chair onto the floor anymore.

This weekend, we spent some quality time with Dad so Mom could work; we found a fun new way to go to my friend Benjamin's house -- Mom and I went in our bike/bike trailer while Dad and Hazel walked; and Saturday morning, we did something super cool - a group bike ride.

Before I came along, Mom used to do triathlons. She misses it, is out of shape, and wants to set a good example for us, so she decided it is time to start finding things like that we can do together. Her friend Al, who has an amazing story, had a cycling event with a family ride for his organization, Please Be Kind to Cyclists, so we decided to do it. The event had 40-mile and 20-mile routes, but the family route was more our speed -- two miles, mostly on a protected bike path. We squished Mom's bike, our helmets, and my bike trailer into the car and headed downtown for the 8 a.m. start.

About 10 people -- our ride leader, some kids, and their moms -- did the family ride. We were the only ones with a bike trailer, and we easily kept up with everyone else. It was great. I sang along the way and yelled things like "Whee," "Go, go, go," and channeling Aunt Lauren, "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" Mom said my sounds helped motivate her, and everyone thought I was funny, especially when they realized I was the only one who remembered to bring any water.

While we rode, Hazel and Dad enjoyed a loud rock band, and when we got back we enjoyed delicious breakfast tacos and muffins, and Al gave us a CD and a cake to bring home! There's nothing not to like about bike rides, in my opinion. Mom and I are excited for Hazel to be able to join us on our rides next month, once she turns one and gets a helmet. When that happens, we figure we'll be able to go out more often.

Sunday I woke up to a new face, our friend Sweta. She lives in Boston but was in town this weekend for a wedding. Lucky for us, she had a little extra time to visit. In honor of her visit, we went to Waterloo Ice House, a restaurant Mom recently discovered has delicious breakfast tacos and a huge fenced-in area with picnic tables and a playscape. I had huge blueberry pancakes, which Hazel kept trying to steal, and we all thought it was a perfect day to be outside.

In general, Hazel and I have been up to some new tricks. Hazel is interacting more. This week she held her arms up when she wanted Mom to pick her up, mimicked a sound Mom made at her, and has been pointing at ceiling fans when we turn them on. She is more fun by the day.

Meanwhile, Dad taught me to count to three and I have been imitating everything Mom and Dad do. Today I copied Dad when he was putting his laundry away. Then Hazel was being grumpy, and Mom decided to nurse her. I realized Duck was hungry too, so I climbed up on Mom's bed beside her, lifted up my shirt and put Duck to my chest. Dad and Mom thought it was cute and hilarious. I don't see what the big deal is. Ducks need milk too!

Pictures from all of this month, including our weekend adventures and the snow a few weeks ago, are here.