Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yoga, cookies, a week (almost) without Dad, and trying to keep up with Hazel

We've had an exciting week or so and haven't posted anything on our blog in a while.

Two Fridays ago, we decided to try something new -- a mommy & me yoga class. It was great. Hazel liked clapping along to some of the songs we sang and I did downward dog a few times at home, after we left the class.

I've grown really tired of Gymboree and was screaming, "Stay home!" every time we went for the past couple weeks, so we decided to join Austin Stay n Play, the place with the yoga class, instead. It's fun. Not only do we take yoga there, they have an ABC 123 class we went to a few times and most of the time we can just play with their toys, make a craft, or eat our lunch there. Our favorite thing at Stay n Play is a huge duck. It's bigger than me!

Unfortunately, yesterday we learned that Stay n Play is closing at the end of June for a few months and then will be in Round Rock. That's too long of a haul for us, so we'll have to find something else to do.

The same day we tried yoga for the first time, we went to a party at Dad's company. Mom and Dad broke down and let me have some cookies. I ate three or four and then really spazzed out -- I started shaking, let out a whoop, and ran to Dad. It was hot out and the chocolate chips were all melty, so I ended up wearing some of it.

Hazel had a great time at the party too, but she stuck to healthier food choices. Taking full advantage of all four of her teeth, she munched on watermelon and corn on the cob.

We were glad we had the chance to go to Dad's work party because the next day we had to see him off until Thursday. He had to go to Germany for a work meeting. We kept busy though. In addition to our usual stuff -- school and Stay n Play -- we went to a birthday party, which I did not like because it was at Gymboree.

We also went all the way to South Austin to go to a park and eat at the Mighty Cone with our friend Zhenya. It was really fun, but so hot and tiring. Lunch was the most exciting part of the morning. We saw a guy get arrested while he was walking down the street and there were tons of flies. Mom kept swatting the bugs away, which I thought was hilarious. I kept cracking up laughing and then I started swatting them too. It was really funny. We also loved the MC french fries. Most of all, it was fun seeing Zhenya. I think she had fun too, because she cuddled Hazel a lot and helped us with our lunch.

Another fun thing we did while Dad was gone was eat lunch and play in the splash pad at Terra Burger. It's been so hot here, the only reasonable thing to do outside is to get wet.

We are really happy Dad is home! To celebrate, we got some new bath toys. I have really been protesting my bath for the last month or two, so Bubbe suggested Mom find some good bath toys to cheer me up in the tub. I am really into reading letters and numbers and spelling the 8 words I know how to spell right now, so we picked up a set of these foam ABCs and 123s. I love them. The first day we had them, I nearly fell into the tub leaning over to play with them. When I dropped my duck in, I had to get in too. I am glad I did. I really like spelling words on the wall. We also got a set of fish I can catch with a net, but Hazel and Mom like it more than I do. Dad brought home some neat toys for Hazel and I as well - an alligator and a mouse that are really fun to squeak.

Mom had to work a lot this weekend, so we spent a lot of quality time with Dad and we all went to Terra Burger again for dinner Saturday. The only thing Hazel and I really like there are their fries, so we mostly eat food we bring from home while Dad and Mom eat TB sandwiches, but we both really enjoyed playing in the water again and were more adventurous about it this time.

Otherwise, my talking has picked up, big time. Last week I told Mom, "I love you," after she said it to me when she was tucking me in to bed one night. I have also informed her that I would like to learn to play the oboe and piano one day. Dad and Mom said if that is what I want, it will happen.

When I went to school last week, Mom tried putting me in a different class that usual, but I was too surprised to do it. Evidently, now that I will be three, I am supposed to be in a big boy class. We talked about it a lot this weekend and today when she dropped me off, I was ready. I went in there like it's been my class all along. I kept up with everybody and had a great time. Mom is very excited that I understood what she had been saying to me and is really proud of what a cool big kid I am.

Hazel is doing amazing things too. She is still eating tons and growing a lot. If you ask her what a monkey says, she says, "ah, ah!"

She is also determined to walk all of a sudden. Saturday night she let go of the side of the tub and stood all on her own, without holding onto or leaning against anything. She's really been into using our alligator walking toy and has been walking while hanging onto furniture a lot more. Yesterday she let go of something and took a step and fell over, but today was most exciting of all. She stood up in the middle of the room, without pulling herself up on anything! Then a few minutes later she let go of something she was holding herself up with and took a couple of steps to Mom!

We think she'll be walking any day. We have learned that when Hazel decides to do something, she does it pretty quickly.

It's all been really fun. For some photos of our exciting times, click here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What has four teeth and is always hungry?

It's not what, but who -- Hazel!

Hazel has been eating like a maniac lately. The other night she ate for two hours straight. We think she must really be getting ready to grow. For now, in addition to growing a cute little buddha belly, she has also been growing teeth. She's now up to four -- the two she's had for a while in the bottom front and now two on top in the front. It's a good thing she has them, she is able to eat more things in time for her wild eating/growth spurt!

Mom and I have been under the weather. We must have caught Hazel's virus from the other week. Mom came down with it last Wednesday night and was better Monday and I came down with it Thursday and was better Tuesday. It was a real bummer and we are glad to be over it.

One thing that was good about being sick is Mom finally let me watch a little TV! We've been watching Sesame Street clips from the first season, which was in 1969, on Hulu. My favorite is Ernie singing about his Rubber Duckie, which I have seen before on Mom's computer, but I also like this one, which I call "Cows," and a series of clips that teach about numbers and end up with a man falling down some steps with a bunch of cakes. Now that I am excited about reading the alphabet and numbers, Sesame Street is right up my alley.

We are glad blueberries are in season. We made blueberry waffles one day but I couldn't wait for them to finish, so Mom gave me a bowlful while they were baking. This picture shows the result, along with my new hand gesture, "peace out."