Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hazel's Gonna Get Her Money


We hope you enjoy this funny conversation Hazel had with Mommy this week.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hazel loves baseball

Guest post from Hazel:

Dad and Hazel at the baseball game
Last night Dad took me to my very first baseball game!  We went with Clark and Clark's dad to see the Round Rock Express.  With the help of some library books, Mom and Dad had been telling me all about it for the last few days, so I was very excited about the game all day on Friday.  Mom convinced me that my favorite team is the Red Sox and that I don't like the Yankees (Dad agrees with the last part for sure).  Anyway, I already knew that baseball was a game, and I like games. I also like balls, so I was pretty excited.  I didn't quite understand that I wasn't going to be playing the game, only watching, but Dad figured I'd discover that once we got there.  Dad was a little worried since the game was so late (it started past my bedtime), but I did really great.

Our seats were very close to the action.  We were right behind the first base dugout, so I could easily see all of the players.  I kept pointing out all of the players uniform colors to Dad.  I also liked watching the players hit the ball with the bat.  Whenever a ball went into the air, I said, "He hit it way high in the sky"

Being right next to the dugout had other advantages too.  In between innings, mascots would get on top of the dugouts and dance, so I could see them right up close.  The Chik-Fil-A cow mascot really scared me, but I loved Spike the Dog and the Pluckers Chicken mascots.

Clark and Clark's Dad
Dad was amazed that I sat on his lap the whole time.  He thought I might get restless, and that we'd need to head over to the kids' area, but I was fascinated by the game and watched the entire thing.  We had some yummy food at the game, including some pretzels and fruit that we brought, as well as a delicious ballpark hot dog. Clark shared some fig newtons with me as well.

Hazel shows off her baseball
At the end of the game, we had a special treat - a huge fireworks show.  I had never seen fireworks before.  I really liked all of the pretty lights and colors!  It was loud, but Dad did a good job of holding me so I could see everything and wouldn't be scared.  When the fireworks show finally ended, we headed back home.  Dad was sure I would fall asleep in the car, but I was so excited I kept talking to him about the game -- and asking if he was listening -- the whole way home.  When we got home, Mom was waiting up for us.  She was surprised I was still awake; I told her about the game and the fireworks too.

Dad and I had a really fun time.  I hope we get to go again soon.