Sunday, October 26, 2014

My first camping trip!

One of the best things about Cub Scouts is that we get to go on camping trips. Last weekend, I went on my very first Cub Scout camping trip, and Dad, Mom, Hazel, and Turner all came along.

We camped at Bastrop State Park, which is about an hours drive from Austin. Bastrop was in the news a few years ago because it had a HUGE forest fire that burned down almost all of its beautiful pine trees. However, one result of that was that the facilities were re-built, and it was all very new and state-of-the-art (Mom especially appreciated the nice bathrooms).

The peanut gallery, enjoying some free time
Our den leader gave us her family's old tent to use on this trip. It is a HUGE nine-person tent. Dad set it up in our garage a week ago just to make sure he knew how to put it together. His work paid off as he, Mom, and a few other grown-ups were able to set up our tent in pretty quickly after we arrived. We all loved sleeping in the giant tent.

Bobcat ceremony
We got to the campsite on Saturday morning. Some of the Cub Scouts camped there Friday night, but since this was our first trip, we decided to just camp out one night this time. Bastrop has what Dad calls "car-camping." We set up our tent just a few feet from where we parked our car. The campsite had water, electricity, grills, and picnic tables. It also had bathrooms and showers very close by. We were right next to all of the other kids from my Cub Scout den.

We just barely starting unpacking when our morning activities started. First we had a flag ceremony in our full Cub Scout uniforms. Then we heard all about wildlife conservation and taking care of the parks. Then we got tons of free time. During my free time, I hiked, ran up and down hills, played with my friend Brody, and did all kinds of other fun stuff. Hazel made a new friend Avery and they played together a lot. Later in the day, Turner's friend Felix came and they got to play together. Everyone had a lot of fun.

I got my Bobcat badge!
Felix's dad brought army MREs that we got to eat. It was pretty neat, but I mostly just liked the candy.

After lunch, we had the Bobcat ceremony, where I received my very first Cub Scout badge. I got to put paint on Dad's nose. We also did some more activities like meeting some of the older scouts.

Dinner Saturday night was super fun. The older kids all cooked hot dogs and other yummy food. My den performed a skit that we had practiced earlier, and then we watched some of the other skits by the campfire. Then we all went over to Felix's campsite and cooked smores and played. It was so fun.

By the time we went to sleep, we were all exhausted and we all slept through the night.

Chillin' during free time
Sunday morning we woke up for a flag ceremony and a hike with the whole pack. It was fun but tiring. When we came back, the parents had cooked us a delicious pancake breakfast! After we finished eating, we packed up and drove back home.

We all loved camping a lot, especially Mom. She can't wait to go again!