Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Celebrations!

Hazel and I had a great time at our school Valentine's parties!

Hazel's class dressed up in grownup clothes (Hazel wore some of Grandma B's costume jewelry) and had a tea party. Hazel said her favorite part of the party was watching her classmates have their photos taken while they were wearing toy mustaches. 

My class caught Chocolate Fever. We wore pajamas and made ice cream sundaes. I surprised Mom when I gave her a huge hug at the end of the party and hugged Hazel when I saw her. Love is in the air! 

We even willingly let Mom take this picture of us! Hazel wanted to make a heart with our hands and I wanted to hug in the picture. So we did both! 

Turner had a Friendship Party at preschool on Wednesday. They all took a favorite fruit and made a big fruit salad to share. He had a blast and told us all about his friends wearing the icing from Valentine's cookies they ate.

For Valentine's Day, Mom hid our gifts and we did a scavenger hunt for them! It was a ton of fun!