Thursday, April 2, 2015

Springtime in Texas

Preparing for the egg hunt
Late March and April is the best time to be outside where we live. It’s not too hot and it’s not cold. While we get a little rain when we’re lucky, it’s mostly just clear skies and sunshine in Texas in the spring. So we hang out outside as much as we can.

Hazel's really into tree climbing
Last weekend, we went to our annual neighborhood egg hunt. It was the 20th year they’ve had it, but only the third year we’ve been around for it. This year, we all did way better than ever before. In previous years, we came back with only a few eggs. This year, we came back with a reasonable amount – even Turner. We were super happy to eat all the candy inside the plastic eggs.

Otherwise, Hazel and Turner have been seizing the opportunity to roller skate and ride their scooters and bikes. The school just put new blacktop on the parking lot behind our house, so it’s nice and smooth and fun to ride on.

Meanwhile, I am very into basketball. It doesn't hurt that Kentucky is still undefeated, and I've been watching their games all season with Dad. I play at school at recess and in PE, and after school at the playground when we all go over there. I am also very excited because I signed up for a basketball class at the gym. I have only been to one class so far, but it’s fun and we're all happy about it.

Here’s hoping summer doesn’t descend upon us anytime soon so we can enjoy lots more time outside! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Look who’s four!

It’s Turner! Turner was very excited to celebrate his birthday, and about turning four. It’s been almost two weeks now, and he’s still telling anyone who will pay attention that he’s four.

We kicked off the celebration the night before when Mom and Dad let Turner open a few of his presents. Then first thing in the morning when he woke up on his big day, he opened some more. Dad and I hung out with him for a bit while he played with his new gifts. He was already very excited and happy about his new treasures.

Meanwhile, Mom and Hazel headed to the park to prepare Turner’s party. We were all a little nervous because the forecast called for floods and we thought the park might be washed out. Fortunately, the weathermen weren’t quite right. It was drizzling, but we were under a big pavilion, so we could have the party at the park anyway.

We played on the playground and had lots of good food, a few games, cake of course, and at the end we even got to run out into the field for a quick and kind of muddy game of red light, green light. Mom was the person who said “stop” and “go,” and each kid got a turn being the judge of who had to go back and start again when the players didn’t stop on time. It was a blast and we were happy to see lots of friends.

Turner was kind of overwhelmed after the party, so Dad took him home for a nap. After that, we had his birthday dinner, more cupcakes and Turner finished opening his presents. His birthday dinner was kind of funny. At first he said he wanted hot dogs from Costco for his birthday dinner. Then when we were there the day before his birthday buying stuff for the party, we sampled some meatloaf and mashed potatoes that we all loved. So he switched his choice to that, and he was happy to eat at home anyway.

We wrapped up Turner’s birthday weekend and Spring Break the next night at a concert performed by our favorite band, Koo Koo Kanga Roo. The concert was great and we met the guys afterward. They were nice and commended Mom and Dad on “dancing up front and center instead of crying with the rest of the parents in the back.” It was a sunny, beautiful day and a great way to finish celebrating!

Another part of every birthday is a well visit at our doctor’s office. Turner did really great while he was there. He was even brave about getting four shots and at one point during the visit yelled, “The doctor’s office is fun!” You can see how much he’s grown in his growth chart to the right.