Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy birthday Hazel

Hazel turned six a couple weekends ago. We were very excited for her.

Bubbe came to visit to help us celebrate. We went to a great dinner at Threadgill's, a place we hadn't been to in a long time. There was lots of yummy food, and a big tractor for us to climb on afterwards.

Bubbe braved our school cafeteria
Friday, Mom, Bubbe and Turner prepared for Hazel's birthday while Hazel and I went to school. Also, Mom and Bubbe picked up Taco Cabana and came over to have lunch with us at school. After school, the city of Austin gave all of us a gift, when the workmen took down the fence around our playground, which they've been working on for the better part of a year. We are very excited to have our park back, bigger and better than before.

Friday night, the forecast was calling for storms, so we stayed in and had pizza delivered. Bubbe got us all presents to open, and Hazel got to open a few of her birthday gifts early.

The weather cleared up pretty nicely the next morning for Hazel's birthday party. We held it at a great park (not the same one's as Turner's). There were lots of fun games and yummy food, and TONS of kids came. At Hazel's birthday party, Turner was clearly feeling a little bit jealous. He kept running around telling everyone he was four, but he was very excited because a couple of his best friends were there.

Hazel, holding court at her party
After the party, we all came home exhausted and napped, then Hazel opened ALL of her gifts. It seemed like she had a million presents, and she really liked everything she received. It was nice that so many people helped make her birthday special.

Saturday night we got to play with Bubbe while Mom and Dad went out to dinner, and then ran some errands. Mom and Dad were amazed at how much they could accomplish with no kids in tow.

We were also excited at what we could accomplish while Mom and Dad were gone. We made a birthday "surprise" for Mom, since her birthday is the day after Hazel's. Saturday night, we made brownies with Bubbe, then when Mom woke up Sunday morning, we gave them to her at breakfast. She was surprised by our timing but not by the brownies, since Hazel had kind of told her about them already. After breakfast, Mom opened all her fun birthday gifts. It was a fun day for Mom.

Sunday we took Bubbe to the airport and Dad and I went to a Tiger Cub event at a golf range. I got to hit some golf balls and put some on a putting green. After about 20 minutes, I told Dad I thought golf was pretty boring. Dad agreed.

Speaking of sports, I've been playing a lot more basketball lately. Dad and I play on a real goal at the school near our house. And I've been taking a class at Mom's gym where we learn to shoot, pass, and dribble. Mom and Dad are pretty impressed with how much I've been into it.