Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Splitting Up For the Weekend

A couple weeks ago, our family split up for the long Labor Day weekend. Dad took Hazel to Atlanta while Turner and I stayed in Austin with Mom.

In Atlanta, we went to a baby naming ceremony for my cousin Lizzie, Aunt Laurie and Uncle Jonathan's daughter. Dad didn't think we could all go to Atlanta for the weekend, so he just took Hazel to help represent us there.

Dad and Hazel had a good time. They got to ride on an airplane to Atlanta. Hazel did great on the plane, even after her unicorn got Coke spilled on it and the plane was stuck on the runway for almost an hour after landing. Hazel especially liked riding on the "plane train" that took them to get their luggage. Bubbe and Aunt Laurie greeted them at the airport and whisked them away to Bubbe's house.

Over the weekend, they had lots of fun at Bubbe's house. They went to lots of yummy restaurants, played games at Bubbe's house (Hazel taught Bubbe how to play Battleship), ran through sprinklers in Bubbe's yard, and watched lots of animals through the window of Bubbe's house. Hazel also tried teaching Bubbe to do cartwheels.

But the main event was the baby naming ceremony. Dad got to say a speech while Lizzie got her name. She was named after Papa and Grandmas Millie, Mary, and Frieda. After the ceremony, there was a party and Hazel met a friend and played with her a lot. Dad thought it was funny that Hazel was playing with the daughter of one of his old friends.

It was a pretty quick weekend, but Dad and Hazel weren't too sad to leave since Bubbe was coming to visit them in Austin later in the week.

Cones in a cave!
Meanwhile, back in Austin, we stayed pretty busy and had a lot of fun with Mom. After we took Dad and Hazel to the airport Friday, we came home and had dinner, then Turner and Mom had a sleepover in her room. I opted out of the party, thinking I'd get a better night's sleep in my own room.

Saturday we headed to the gym. Mom worked out while Turner and I played together in the child center. After a nice lunch together in the cafe, we headed outside for a swim. Later in the day, we met up with Eli's family for a concert and gelato at Central Market. Eli was so sad when he realized Hazel wasn't with us! Even without Hazel, we managed to have a good time. Turner enjoyed dancing to the band and we had a good time playing on the playground. It was a pretty late night, and Turner camped out with Mom again.

Turner really knows how to party
Sunday was another very fun day. We headed to Boerne, Texas, to the Cave Without a Name. Mom and I really liked it. I thought the best things we saw were little ponds in the cave. The tour guide asked us to guess how deep one of the ponds was. It looked very shallow, and we were surprised when she said it was four feet deep. She said it created an illusion because the water is so clear.

After the tour, we drove home, where we hung out for a few hours, then ate dinner at Phil's Ice House and played on their playground. It was such a fun day, we didn't even mind when Mom told us we were skipping Amy's Ice Cream, which is right next to Phil's, because it was another late night and she knew she had another sleepover with Turner coming her way.

Monday we took it easy at home until it was time to go to the airport to get Dad and Hazel. We were very excited to see them after the long weekend, and it was nice hearing about their trip when they got back.