Thursday, December 16, 2010

My trip to the dentist

Here's a video of my first trip to the dentist, from when I was in Atlanta. Everyone was pretty impressed with how well I did. Notice the nice watch I'm wearing, which Papa gave me.

I had a good week back at school. Sadly, I learned that my best buddy from my class was transferred to kindergarten. I am happy for him but keep asking my teachers and Mom about him. The best part of the week was Wednesday, when we had a party. We had lots of good snacks and a book swap. Today was the last day of school for a while. We gave my teachers presents and they sent some home with me. Now Mom is trying to figure out what we're all going to do the next few weeks.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chanukah in Atlanta

Its been a crazy couple of weeks.  Right after getting back from Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania, we decided to go to Atlanta to spend Chanukah with Bubbe and Papa.  And to make it even more fun, we all drove there.  Hazel and I love a good road trip.

Last Thursday night, Mom and Dad put Hazel and I in our pajamas and we headed out of town.  We drove until Dad got tired and then we stayed at a hotel  Dad found a hotel in Kilgore, Texas, that had a huge suite with a king sized bed  Hazel and I were so excited about our new accommodations and that we all slept together in the bed.  Mom joked that all 5 of us were in the bed together.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast and continued our road trip.  Hazel and I both did great.  We stopped to play and eat a few times, but overall Dad was pleased with the time we made.  We stopped for dinner at Dad's favorite restaurant, Krystals, and ended our day's drive in Birmingham at Aunt Susan and Uncle Stuart's house.  It was nice seeing them and Aunt Susan, Uncle Stuart, Aunt Pat and Uncle Neal gave us a great bath toy for Chanukah, which we got to use while we were there.  Saturday morning we drove to Atlanta to see Bubbe and Papa.

We stayed with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Jonathan, who have a great, big, fun house.  They were nice enough to spend some time before-hand making the place a little safer for me and Hazel.

I love Chanukah!  I kept getting all kinds of fun toys to play with.  Somehow, everyone knew how much I love letters. I got letter games, a letter robot and lots of other fun toys.  Papa gave me a watch and I love teling people what time it is.  Bubbe gave Hazel a sweater that she knitted herself.  I also liked all of the yummy food I got to eat at Bubbe and Papa's for dinner.

We did other fun things on the trip as well.  Bubbe took me to the dentist office where she works so I could get my teeth cleaned.  Mom and Dad weren't sure how well I would do at the dentist, but I did great.  I had fun telling the dentist how to spell molar and picking out my toothpaste flavors.  The dentist said my teeth looked very good -- the spacing between my teeth is great and my bite is good.  Hazel thought it looked like so much fun that she climbed into the chair and brushed her teeth too.

We went to Papa's favorite restaurant, The Varsity, and had a Frosted Orange milkshake and some onion rings.  We visited Great Grandma Millie and Great Aunt Sylvia, where I impressed them with my spelling and Hazel impressed them with her ability to find every glass and breakable item.  We also visited a fun park where we could climb around.

Mom and Dad insisted I tell one funny story from our trip. Dad was driving around and he had to jerk the car quickly to avoid hitting a curb.  Mom screamed but I liked it. I said from the back-seat, "It's like a Six Flags ride". Mom and Dad thought that was pretty funny. Mom said it may have been the funniest thing I have ever said.

Atlanta is a fun town, and we love Bubbe and Papa very much.  Here are some of the many pictures from our visit.  We have more pictures and videos that we'll be posting later, but Dad was pestering me to do a post now, so we'll put those up sometime in the future.