Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turner's first week

It has been quite a week! A couple of days after Mom, Dad, and Turner got back from the hospital, we got a bunch of visitors.

On Saturday, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lauren came from Pennsylvania. Then on Sunday, Bubbe and Aunt Laurie came here from Atlanta and stayed with us. They all stayed here in Austin until today, and it was great having some extra people to play with.

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lauren took Hazel and me to Terra Burger, out to breakfast and the Children's Museum, and played with us a lot around the house. Bubbe and Aunt Laurie roomed with Hazel and loved playing with her at 5 am, which is when she wakes up.

Turner had a busy week as well. He had a couple more doctor's appointments. His latest latest stats are 8 pounds, 5 ounces (50th percentile), 21.25 inches long (80th percentile!), and a 35cm head size (25th percentile). The doctor says he's doing great.

Turner also had his brit milah this week. For those who don't know, Jewish boys have their circumcision on the eighth day of their life. This is called a brit milah, or more commonly, a bris. This is a 4,000-year-old tradition, and is one of the oldest practiced religious rites in the world. The bris is also when a Jewish boy is formally named. I had mine a few years ago.  I was at school during Turner's this week, but here's what I heard about it.

During the ceremony, my Dad explained that Turner's English middle name Edward and his Hebrew first name Aharon are named for Papa.  Papa was kind, compassionate, playful, and intelligent, and Mom and Dad hope that Turner will have those qualities as well.

Then, Mom talked about where Turner's first name came from. She said that Turner was her grandmother's maiden name and that is Grandpa's and Uncle Daniel's middle name. They are smart, persistent and kind, and Mom hopes Turner hopes to be like them in this way too.

Turner's Hebrew middle name is Teva (pronounced Tehvah) which means nature. Mom picked this name out of a book one day a few weeks ago when we were all playing outside. Mom was looking for a name that started with T like Turner. We were very happy and it was a beautiful, perfect day. It seemed to fit.

Turner slept through the whole ceremony, lucky guy. 

Hazel, Turner, and I were sad to see everyone leave today, but it will be interesting to see what the new normal is in our house. I think Mom and Dad will have their work cut out for them over the next few weeks.

Here are pictures from this week, mostly courtesy of Bubbe.  And a couple of videos of Hazel making a smoothie and me reading.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family of Five

Thursday was a really great day. Mom and Dad finally came back from the hospital late Wednesday night and brought Turner with them! We were super happy to see everyone and were really interested in Turner when we woke up to them Thursday morning.

Since they have been home we have been watching Turner a lot. Hazel hugs and kisses him and also likes to hand things to him like her doll baby's bottle and Turner's pacifiers. I gave him a kiss via Duck and told Mom and Dad I want to show him my favorite website, Animals Town

Turner brought us some nice presents and Mom and Dad were really happy to see us too. They said we both look a lot bigger than when they left and Hazel is talking a lot more. A lot can happen in three days, I guess.

We did really well while Mom and Dad were gone. Kimberly stayed with us and did a great job keeping us happy and well adjusted. She also did a lot of extra stuff for Mom and Dad, which they were really grateful to come home to. She kept the house clean, arranged for her car to be here so they didn't have to take her home when they got home in the middle of the night, and did laundry. Mom and Dad are really tired, so it was a great help that she did all that.

We also had a good time at Hazel's school, Leaps n Bounds, while Mom, Dad and Turner were at the hospital. They also really bent over backwards to accommodate us. It was nice to be able to go to a place we are already used to and like while Mom and Dad were gone.

Since everyone's been home, we've had lots of fun visits from people who were nice enough to feed us while Mom's out of commission. Mom and Dad really appreciate everybody's help.

Speaking of visitors, today Aunt Lauren and Uncle Daniel came to visit. We're excited to see them. So far, they read lots of books to us, Uncle Daniel made Hazel laugh a lot and played two of my favorite games with me, and Aunt Lauren helped Mom get things done. Tomorrow Bubbe and Aunt Laurie are coming too.

You can see the pictures that Mom and Dad took here.  They also posted a hilarious video of me and Hazel being crazy, playing a new game with blankets and pillows that I made up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome Turner Edward!

Guest post from my parents:

We are proud to welcome Turner Edward into the world.  Turner was born at 8:27pm on Monday, March 21, after a very long day of labor. Turner weighed a whopping 8 lbs, 11 ounces at birth and is 21 inches long. 

Mother and baby are very tired but otherwise doing pretty well. Everyone at the hospital keeps commenting on what a strapping young baby Turner is.  He is named for his mother's family, the Turners and the Washburns with Turner as a middle name, as well as for his late Papa Edward.

Mom and Dad have been filling Turner in on how excited his older brother and sister are to meet him and how much fun they will all have together, but we'll be at the hospital for a few more days before we can take him home.  In the meantime, brother Mitch and sister Hazel are holding down the fort at home.

Hazel and I can't wait to meet Turner!  I'm sure Mom and Dad will be posting more pictures in the next few days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We love you Papa

Tonight at dinner Mom and Dad told Hazel and me some sad news.  They told us that Papa died. We all looked at nice pictures of us with Papa and we remembered some of the great times we had with Papa, how much fun we had with him, and how much he cared for us.

Dad said that we can keep Papa's spirit alive by remembering all of the good times we had with him and by looking at the pictures and videos we have of him.  To be honest, I don't really think I understand exactly, but I know that Hazel and I love Papa very much.  We are excited to see Bubbe when she visits us soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hazel keeps getting bigger

 Hazel had a doctor's appointment today.  She is definitely getting bigger.  She weighs 23.1 lbs (10th percentile) is 32.75 inches tall (33rd percentile), and her head circumference is 45.3 cm (8th percentile).  The doctor said they are really happy with how she is doing. You can see her latest growth chart at the right side of the blog.

Hazel is testing out what it's like to be two a little early. Evidently she heard she's supposed to be terrible because she has started throwing little fits. She screams and lies on the ground. Mom usually lets her stay there until she is done. The other day the crossing guard at my school saw her lying on the sidewalk and said he thought she had fallen down.

Lots of people have been commenting on how musical Hazel is, including our rabbi. Every time we go someplace with music, she really dances. I've also been singing a lot lately, especially to my favorite guy, Neal Kassanoff and the Groundwork Music Orchestra. I have memorized all the songs' numbers on the CD so I can tell Mom what to play in the car. I sing the words to his songs when we play his music and sometimes when it's not even on.

One of my favorite songs is "Ride my giraffe." I told Mom I would like to ride a giraffe. Then Mom asked Hazel if she'd like to ride one too and she said she wants to ride a zebra.

When Mom asked us what we wanted to listen to the other day, Hazel surprised her by saying, "Bob Marley."

The other day I said, "Mommy's funny." She asked me why and I said, "Mommy's having problems." Mom asked me what they were and I said, "Mommy has two problems." But I didn't feel like telling Mom what they were.

We have spent some time with finger paint lately. It's a ton of fun. Make sure you check out our photos to see all the great things we've been creating.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some good and some sad

The past few weeks have brought us some good and some sad things.

First, the good. The weather has been absolutely perfect in the afternoons lately and we have been spending tons of time outside. It is great -- in the mid-70s, so warm enough that we don't need jackets, and the mosquitoes aren't around yet. We are really trying to make the most of it.

Hazel has discovered the beauty of the hammock -- one day she and Mom lounged in it for an hour while I swung them, sang to them and ran around. We have had picnic lunches, and since we have really been into coloring and painting lately, we have moved that outside too. Of course, we have also made great use of our sandbox and playscape, as always. Mom likes playing with her new camera outside and while I run from Mom when she breaks out her camera, Hazel tells her to take more pictures of her while we're playing. 

Hazel is still really into climbing but about a week and a half ago, she finally figured out how to jump! She has been trying for a while but couldn't manage to get both feet off the ground at the same time. Then, after spending most of a day at Leaps n Bounds, came home one day and did it! Now she is spending more time jumping than climbing. She is pretty excited about it and looks really cute airborne.

Oma got Hazel a one-month Gymboree membership for her birthday and while Mom expected her to really like climbing on the equipment, since she learned to jump, she mostly wants to jump around in the soft areas. She also really enjoys the songs and at the end of each class, getting a Gymbo (the company's clown mascot) stamp on her tummy, just like I did when i was her age. She runs around and shows us the stamp until it washes off a day or two later.

As Hazel has become more mobile and bigger, she has been fighting riding in the stroller so Dad has been walking both of us the whole way when we go to my school in the morning. We are pretty impressed that she can make it so far on such little legs. She can cover a much greater distance than Mom right now.

People keep telling Mom how impressed they are with both of us and our teachers keep saying how smart we are.

We spent a lot of time with Clark's grandma, who we call Aunt Bobbie, this past week, and she told Mom Hazel is precocious because of her talking and potty training, which are both going really well. I had a blast with Bobbie when she babysat one day. She spent most of the time with me while Hazel napped and I colored with her and talked to her about animals. She drew a picture of a vulture for me, at my request, and was blown away by my reading. I am now reading whole books to Mom and Dad. They say I am amazing. I think so too.

Last week was a lot of fun at school. We were studying spring and made crowns with flowers on them. One day Mom picked me up and I was wearing the crown with a necklace I got from the treasure box at school, which we can select something from when we behave well all morning. My teacher said I looked like a king.

The next day was beautiful and warm so my teachers took us all outside early to meet our moms and, for those who ride it home, the school bus. My friends and I all wore our crowns we made that day and blew on whistles our teacher gave us. It really made Mom laugh. Make sure you check out our photos to see Hazel and me modeling the crowns.

I have been saying some really hilarious things lately.

Today was gloomy out so we stayed inside. Mom had to work so we stayed home with Dad. We played with a little remote helicopter we gave him for his birthday. Hazel was a little scared of it but I thought it was hilarious. I jumped up and down and laughed a lot. Dad asked me what I liked about it and I said, "It flies around like a little zebra finch."

Mom asked me if I'd like to bring home a gorilla. I said no because it would eat all our bananas and poop everywhere.

One night I stood up in the tub and announced that I needed to get out. Then I asked to get right back in.  Mom and Dad asked why and I said, "Mitch is having problems." The next night I said the tub was having a problem. Mom asked what the tub's problem was and I told her it was full of vampire bats.

We are getting pretty excited about our new baby, who we expect to meet in only a few weeks. Mom and I took a class about what it will be like yesterday, where I asked if the baby will poop. Mom set up and cleaned all our old baby stuff this week so now our house looks like we are going to have a new little guy.

Hazel spent a whole day at school last week convincing her teachers that the baby is a girl even though she tells us she will have two brothers. She also keeps saying, "Come out, baby!" while rubbing Mom's giant tummy. Meanwhile, Mom keeps saying, "Give me another week." The due date is not actually until April 4, but Mom's doctor says he is really big and might have to come a little sooner.

One of the bad things that happened recently is our dog Peepa died two Wednesdays ago. She was a great dog; she was with Mom through a lot of big life events, she showed Dad how fun dogs can be, and she was very patient and gentle with Hazel and me when we came along. She was also very good at cleaning our floor and sharing the food we didn't want. We miss her a lot and we all find ourselves trying to feed her still, in our own ways (some in her food dish, others under the table).

The day Peepa died, Mom took me out to lunch. We went to a pizza place where we could sit outside, which was nice but a fly was freaking me out the whole time. Next we went to a grocery store called Sprouts, which was right next door. When we put our cart away as we were leaving, I noticed something weird on the windowsill. I asked Mom what it was and she told me it was a dead fly. She explained that meant its life left its body. I asked her what it would do now and she told me it couldn't do anything because its body doesn't work anymore. I thought that was pretty funny and for the next day or so laughed about the dead fly. Mom wonders if I think it was the same fly that had been bothering me at lunch earlier.

It took me a couple of days to notice Peepa was gone, and when I asked, Mom told me she died. I yelled, "Like the dead fly!" and cracked up. Mom and Dad are glad I am not traumatized.

Click here for photos of the past few weeks, including shots of Hazel and me drinking smoothies we helped make when Dad was away, lots of our time outside and our last day with Peepa, walking to school with Daddy, Hazel exploring Gymboree, and the crowns I made at school.