Sunday, August 30, 2015

S-E-C! S-E-C!

This weekend, Dad took all of us to a really fun picnic. It was a picnic for all of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) alumni groups in Austin.

While technically none of us are alums of an SEC school, Dad is on the board of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association in Austin, thanks to our fandom passed on through Papa. Plus, Bubbe is a University of Florida alumna, and Aunt Laurie and Uncle Jonathan are University of Georgia alumni. So we have a lot of SEC family connections.

Hi Bubbe!
We got to the picnic nice and early, which was great since it wasn't quite as hot. The Kentucky tent was the first one set up, and they had delicious breakfast tacos. We also had the bounce house all to ourselves. Before too long, the other schools starting showing up as well, which meant lots of other kids to play with. We saw our friend Allison, who we watch basketball games with, and Turner made a new friend, Reid.

We also ate lots of food from the other tents. At first, Turner was afraid to ask for anything, because he thought he would then "be on the other team." But in the end, we remained Kentucky fans even though we got cookies from Alabama, donuts from Tennessee, and even got some cheese popcorn. But the best thing was Kona Ice, a snow-cone place, which is owned by a Kentucky alumnus. They were giving out free snow-cones!

Besides eating, we played a few games while we were there. Dad taught us how to play cornhole. We also played a game with some of our friends where dad would yell out a school name, and we had to run around to find their tents. It was pretty fun.

After about 3 hours, it started to get a lot more hot and crowded, so we decided to head home. But we all agreed that it was really fun and we can't wait to go back again next year.

Welcome to the new school year!

Swimming at Deep Eddy on our last day of summer break
Since our road trip, we had a fun-filled summer at home. We went to lots of birthday parties, Mom took us to the Austin Zoo (where we saw lots of animals, watched a guy feed an alligator, and rode a train), swam a LOT, had many squirt gun battles, and ate lots of fun summer treats (frozen bananas, anyone?).

Also, Hazel found a new love -- gymnastics. She went to a three-week camp in August, and signed up to continue classes in the fall. She and Turner say what they both want for Hanukkah are gymnastics classes.

Handstand Hazel
It's hard to believe it, but summer has come to an end and we already finished our first week of the new school year.

I started second grade. We all got a bit of a surprise when we found out the my teacher changed a few days before classes started. Fortunately, the new teacher seems to be great. She came from a nearby school, where she had tons of experience, lives in the neighborhood, and has a couple of kids at our school. So far, I'm really enjoying second grade.

Hazel started first grade and has the same teacher I had last year. She has been having a good time at school as well, though she did cry a little bit on the first couple of days because she missed Mom so much.

Turner's first day of his last year of preschool
Speaking of Mom, while she misses having us around all day, she has been enjoying getting more quality time with just Turner. And he seems to be enjoying having a bit more time to himself.

Meanwhile, Turner is now in his very last year at Nicholson. He moved up to the Woodpeckers class and is really enjoying his new teacher and all of the new things in his classroom.

Mitch's first day of second grade, Hazel's first day of first grade
We are excited about the start of the new school year!