Saturday, May 5, 2012


We've had a wild and busy week.

A few years ago, when I was about a year and a half old, I had a red dot on my jawline. It caught on my jacket one day and bled everywhere. Well, it must run in the family, because a few months ago Hazel started getting one too.  Before it caught on something like mine did, she had it removed on Friday.

Hazel had to be at the hospital at 8 in the morning, so Dad stayed with Turner and me until we were both at school, then he joined Mom and Hazel at the hospital.

After Hazel was checked in and the nurses explained to Hazel what would happen, a nurse gave Mom a little medicine to give Hazel, which made Hazel super sleepy. She was so sleepy she wasn't allowed to walk. She had to just sit in Mom's arms. Kids were riding tricycles in the hallway and Hazel mumbled, "They're fast. I'm going to catch them," but when she tried to chase them, she could only move her leg an inch.

When the nurse took Hazel back to the operating room, Hazel was so relaxed, she didn't mind at all. They gave her some strawberry air through a funny mask, and the next thing Hazel knew, she was waking up to rainbow popsicles and Mom and Dad smiling at her. She found that she now had an IV in her hand, and didn't like that, but otherwise it was all smooth sailing. Once the anesthesia wore off, Mom and Dad couldn't keep her down. Just a couple of hours afterward, Hazel was trying to do somersaults all over her bedroom.

Turner had a really rough weekend. He cried a lot, had a really tough time sleeping and woke up Sunday morning with pink eye. Mom and Dad figured he had another ear infection and the pediatrician confirmed Monday morning that he did, his sixth since January 30! So, Tuesday we all went to an ENT's office.

It was a pretty fun trip for Hazel and me. While we were waiting in the office lobby on the third floor, there was a man outside the window, hanging from the roof and washing the window.  Hazel and I thought that was pretty cool.  When we went to the doctors office, I liked looking at all of the pictures of ears he had on the walls.  Mom brought snacks for Hazel and me, so were pretty quiet and calm during the appointment.

The ENT told us that Turner needed tubes in his ears, and scheduled an appointment for the very next morning.

Bright and early Wednesday morning -- he had to be there by 6am -- Mom and Turner went back to the hospital, across the street from where Hazel went Friday. Turner's procedure was so fast, they didn't use an IV or even put him in a gown. He had the same sleepy air Hazel had and was back in Mom's arms in 20 minutes. They were home by 8am!

Later, that afternoon, we went back to that same building for Hazel's follow-up appointment with her doctor from Friday. Mom joked that she could have just waited there in between. Evidently, Hazel wasn't in the mood to see the doctor because as soon as we stepped into the waiting room, she backed into a corner and started screaming her head off. The good news is, while we usually spend a long time waiting to see doctors, they ended up rushing us through the appointment to get us out of there! They said Hazel has to always wear a hat and wear sunscreen once a day when she's outside for the next year or so, but her incision is healing.

Finally, it was time for some fun Wednesday afternoon. Hazel and I started swim lessons. Hazel did a great job, but thought it was kind of loud there. I am going to try to pay better attention in our next class. Until then, we're going to try to get to the pool this weekend so we can get a little more comfortable in the water.

In addition to swimming, we exercised a lot this week. Before school a couple of days, we took long walks and Mom gave me some tips to help me run faster. Today Hazel and I rode our bikes in the parking lot. Hazel pedaled her tricycle and I tried riding my bike. I hope to practice a lot so I can get better.

My best friend in the world is Duck. When I was really little, Mom and Dad were afraid I'd lose Duck, so they got a few backups. I wised up to it and now hang out with all four of them! Thursday night I told Mom today is Duck's birthday. She thought it was all four Ducks' birthday, but it was just one of them, and I had to keep reminding her which one.

Friday when I came home from school, it was time to celebrate. Mom and I made a banana cake, then we sang and Duck wore a birthday hat. I told Mom Duck is 6, one of the Duck's birthdays is in November, another in December and another will be when I'm 7. It was really fun.