Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy Weekend

This was a really fun and busy weekend. Friday night we went to services and Mom was installed on the Board of Trustees at our synagogue. Dad and I were really proud of her. Saturday, we all went to the dog park. There's a picture of me and Dad. I'm the one in the green hat. It's my first hat ever, and I think I look pretty stylish. Matty and Peepa had a lot of fun at the park. They got really dirty. When we came home, Mom gave the dogs a bath, and then I got a bath too! This morning, we all went to brunch at Mom's favorite brunch place. Some of Mom and Dad's friends came and I entertained them by showing them all of my neat new tricks like smiling and looking at stuff.

You can see pictures from my fun weekend, including great ones from bath time, the dog park, me smiling, and my yummy brunch, here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm growing!

Mom and Dad can't believe how big I am getting and all the new things I've been doing. I've started grabbing things and paying attention to what's going on around me a lot more. I am also really holding my head up now, especially at tummy time, and they say my face is a lot more expressive. Mom and Dad took some pictures so you can see what I'm up to now that I'm almost 11 weeks old. If you'd like to see them, click here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why We Use Cloth Diapers

I get to wear cloth diapers. A lot of people ask Mom and Dad about it, so I thought I'd write a few posts about how it works and why we chose to do cloth diapering. In the first part of this series, we'll cover why we use cloth diapers. I'll write other posts about why we chose to use a diaper service, how cloth diapers work, and how its going so far.

It all started before I was born, when Dad starting talking to people about how many disposable diapers newborns go through. He was amazed at the numbers, and worried about all of those diapers going into a landfill. He started researching on the internet to see if anyone else had concerns. That's when he learned about cloth diapers. Cloth diapers, unlike disposables, can be washed and reused, so it doesn't just take up space in a landfill. There were some studies published by the disposable diaper companies that the water and detergent from washing the cloth diapers has an equally detrimental impact on the environment, but those have all been disproven by more impartial studies.

That's when Mom started asking around about this to some of her friends. She learned that a lot of Austin Moms were using cloth diapers as well. Mom liked it because it wouldn't expose my bottom to all of the chemicals that are in disposable diapers. And babies with cloth diapers know instantly when they are wet or dirty, so I can let Mom and Dad know right away when I need to be changed. Because of this, babies with cloth diapers often get less diaper rash and typically potty train earlier than kids in disposable diapers.

I've heard that some people think cloth diapering will get harder when I get older since I, um, will have more to fill the diapers with. It's a good thing that my parents are flexible. Right now, we all love cloth diapering, and we'll continue to do it as long as it works for us.

Currently, Mom and Dad use a cloth diaper service. I'll tell you why in a later diaper series post.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Today I went to the doctor for my two month check-up. It was a very exciting day. First, I got my weight, height, and head circumference measured. I'm all the way up to 9 lbs 1 oz already! Mom and Dad made a bet about what my weight would be, and (as usual) Dad was right. And, at 21.5 inches, I'm getting close to two feet tall! It's amazing how fast I'm growing. The doctor said everything was looking good and that I was all normal. He was very nice.

After the doctor left, a nurse came in to give me a bunch of shots. Mom and Dad said they are important for my immunization. Mom was a wimp and left the room, but Dad was brave and held me while I got them. Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of those shots. Dad was pretty proud of the fact that I was happy again a few seconds after the shots were over.

To celebrate my successful two month check-up, I've added another new feature to my blog. On the right, you'll see a picture of my growth chart. If you click it, you'll see a bigger version. I'll try to keep updating this so you can keep up with how fast I'm growing. If anyone has any suggestions for things you'd like to see on my blog, you can always post a comment.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two months!

Today is my two month birthday! Hooray! Today is also my Great Grandma Millie's birthday. Mom said she'll eat some cake for me. Happy birthday to us all!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My first trip around the world

Tonight, Mom and Dad took me to Jerusalem. You can see us there in the picture. Okay, we really didn't go all the way to Jerusalem. Instead, Mom and Dad took me to a Fall Fusion charity gala. There was all kinds of yummy food there (not that anyone shared any with me), and neat music and dancing. In fact, I got to dance with Mom a bunch. There was also a booth with photographers that would take your picture in front of scenes from around the world. So, the picture here is actually just us in front of a green screen. Don't ask me why my parents are wearing such weird hats. Anyway, after tonight, I've decided that it's fun to be a philanthropist.

I've been meeting lots of Mom's friends lately. Thursday, I got to meet some of her friends from her old job and we went to Schlotzky's for the first time. I got to sit on top of a high chair, which made me feel like a grown-up. Mom took me on lots of errands this week - she's getting much more comfortable taking me out on her own. She fed and changed me in lots of new places and says she's starting to feel like a pro. Yesterday, I helped Mom write an article about our road trip last week. Hopefully she'll give me a byline.

Mom and Dad also gave me another bath this weekend and took more pictures. I don't know why they take so many pictures of me right after my baths; maybe it's because I'm clean.

You can see pictures of my trip to Jerusalem, the charity gala (and dancing with Mom), my Mom's favorite t-shirt, and my latest bath here.

Monday, September 3, 2007

At the dog park

Today we went to the dog park. We haven't been taking our dogs out as much over the past few days, so Peepa and Matty were starting to go a little stir-crazy. The dog park seemed like a perfect idea. Dad used our Baby Bjorn for the first time to carry me around. It was really comfy, so I went sleep for the whole experience, but Mom said she thought I looked pretty cute. Its been raining a lot in Austin, so the park's normal little creek was a raging river. Matty and Peepa had a good time splashing around in it. Peepa even swam around and stole another dog's ball. Before too long, it started to rain, so we left the park before Peepa had her fill. Sorry Peepa!

When we got home, Mom and Dad took some action shots of me in my swing. I sure love my swing. You can check out pictures of us at the dog park, me in my Baby Bjorn, and me on my swing here.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Road Trip

This week I started a career as a journalist. I went to my first interview Thursday. Mom asked a lady who runs a Jewish school questions about teachers who are choosing to teach in normal schools instead since they pay more. My job was to hang around and look cute while they talked. I figured that is no problem, I could even do it in my sleep, and Mom said I did a great job.

Today Dad, Mom and I went on my first road trip, and I got to see more of Texas than I've ever seen! Mom's writing an article about the five counties between Austin and Bryan-College Station, so we went on the drive and stopped at a few places along the way. The drive itself was gorgeous. Everything is green since it's been raining a lot this summer and we saw lots of cows, horses and oil derricks.

Our first stop was at a barbeque restaurant in a town called Elgin. The place was really crazy, busy and loud, and there was neat stuff to look at, like deer, bobcats and bears, on the wall.

The next place we stopped at was an ice cream factory! Mom was especially excited about that. We couldn't do the tour because it's only open during the week, but the ice cream parlor and gift shop were open, so we stopped there. Mom and Dad got to sample the ice cream, which they said was the important part anyway.

Next we went to a big state park. It was really pretty. There were lots of really tall trees, a farm and a picnic area with a playground, where I enjoyed a snack.

I hope I get to go back to some of these places one day when I can run around on my own. There was a neat swimming pool and aquatic center across from the ice cream place I'd like to visit when I learn to swim and I want to go back to the farm when I can pet the horses and plant some seeds. Mom and Dad think it'd be fun to take me again one day too.

You can see pictures of my road trip here.