Friday, June 10, 2016

Cub Scout Camp

Hazel had her annual well visit today. She is 46 inches and 46 pounds, both in the 25th percentile. She was happy not to have to get any shots. You can see my latest growth chart on the right side of the blog or here.

We had a super fun time at Cub Scout camp this week. Turner, Hazel, and Mom got to come along too. We got to do archery, b.b. shooting, slingshots, water slides, swimming, and all kinds of crafts. I even got to do forensics, put up a tent, and touch a python! It was a really fun week.

On the way home, I told mom I know what the "S word" is. Then Hazel told mom she knows what the "D word" is. Mom was pretty freaked out and asked where we learn these things. Hazel said, "Kids! Inappropriate kids!" Mom asked which kids, and Hazel said they say these words a lot on Charlie Brown. So Mom asked Hazel what the D word is, and Hazel spelled, "D-U-M-B." Then mom asked me what the S word is, and I spelled, "S-T-U-P-I-D."  Mom cracked up laughing and said she is glad we don't use words like that.