Thursday, June 18, 2015

I loved Cub Scout Camp!

Wow, we started the first week of summer off the right way!

I spent last week at Cub Scout camp. It was super fun. The best part was that Mom volunteered so she, Hazel, and Turner got to come too. Unfortunately, Turner and Mom got strep throat, so they all only came at the end of the week.

We did so many activities. There was archery, swimming, hiking, crafts, water slides, a water balloon battle, and even shooting BB guns. We built a stand for our Pinewood Derby cars out of wood, and only one scout smashed his finger with a hammer. We also did lots of science activities.

One of the activities -- the squirt gun battle -- was so fun, we did it again at home Saturday morning, the day after camp was over. It was a blast, and we all were soaked. Even Mom.

Most of the kids at camp were nice. One of the den walkers was a man named Scott who really took me under his wing. He asked me and another boy who likes math as much as I do a whole bunch of word problems. He also asked us random facts like country capitals, which is one of my specialties.

Thursday was my favorite day because we spent two hours swimming at a place called Rock'n River. There was a pool with a huge water slide. My den walkers tried to convince me to go down the slide. I almost did but ended up deciding against it. My favorite part was the lazy river. It was a circle with a current. My buddy and I did the lazy river a few times.

Hazel in front of the archery
Friday, Mom, Turner and Hazel joined me for the fun. Mom walked with my den, and Hazel and Turner did the Tot Lot, which was where siblings went. They did most of the things we did, and they had a blast. Mom was happy to spend the day with me, and glad she had the chance to see what camp was all about and meet the people I spent the week with.

We had some extremely early mornings and long days, and it was an exhausting week, but this was a really great way to wrap up my first year of Scouts. At the end of the first day, I told Mom it was some of the most fun I've ever had. Friday afternoon I said I want to do it all again next summer.

Monday, June 15, 2015

End of the School Year

Making fondue smores at our camping party
I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. The entire school year just ended. I finished first grade, Hazel finished kindergarten, and Turner finished another year of preschool.

The last few weeks of school were pretty hectic. There were lots of parties and lots of activities. It was very fun.

One of the fun activities was Career Day at school. Dad came to volunteer that day, so he helped take Hazel's class around to visit all of the different careers they were showing. We saw a fire truck, a policeman, several construction vehicles, a refrigerated meals-on-wheels truck that we got to go inside (Brrr!), and even a tow truck that was painted just like 'Mater from the movie "Cars."

Hazel's kindergarten party
Dad had to leave before it was over, but Mom came by later and we all got to watch a helicopter land on the school soccer field! It was all very exciting, but I don't think Hazel or I have changed our minds about what we want to do when we grow up.

First graders went on our second trip of the year. We went to the Austin Nature Center, which was super fun. There were lots of birds and animals to learn about. I really like watching a show called "Wild Kratts," which is all about animals. So I was very interested. Mom came along and she had a lot of fun too.

Hazel on the slide
at her kindergarten party
There was also an awards ceremony at the end of the school year. I got the Technology Award, since I'm always helping my teachers with their computer problems. Hazel got the Most Dependable award. Dad wasn't so sure about that one because she was sick and missed a lot of school this year.

To wrap up the year, our classes celebrated at end of the year parties. Mine had a camping theme. We went around to each first grade classroom and did a different activity. The whole thing culminated at a pizza picnic outside. Mom was able to stop by to hang out for a bit before moving on to Hazel's party, which Mom helped organize.

Hazel and her friend at Kiddie Acres
Hazel's party was outside. Each class had a station, where they had three or four activities. Hazel's class had watermelon eating, tattoos, duck duck goose, and a sponge relay game. Other stations had more games, cotton candy and popsicles, and a huge inflatable water slide.

Meanwhile, Turner hung out at his friend's house, where they did all kinds of fun things outside, like played in a water table full of bubbles, and ate lots of yummy food.
Turner wrapped up his year of preschool with some new interests. He is really into math and writing. He's pretty amazing at all of it, but he gets very frustrated when he can't write letters perfectly. We know he'll figure it out if he just practices some more. We're proud of him.

Turner loved the airplanes at Kiddie Acres
On the last day of school, we celebrated by going to Kiddie Acres with some friends. Turner, Mitch and I rode every ride, including the ponies. It was a great way to start the summer!

Last weekend, Dad spent some extra time with Hazel and me while Mom and Turner went to a birthday party. Since the weather was so nice, we spent the time outside as much as possible. Dad took us to Mansfield Dam, where we could see how much the lakes had filled up the past few weeks from all the rain. He also took us to a place called Ski Shores on lake Austin, where Hazel and I played with some not-so-friendly swans.

Mom and I are really looking forward to the summer. Hazel is a little bummed about school being over.

Mom and Dad are really proud of how well we all did this year.  Now on to summer!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hazel's a growing 6 year old!

Hazel had her 6-year-old checkup recently. She was very excited because she didn't need to get any shots. She is continuing to grow very well. She checked in at 43.5 inches (20th percentile) and 45 lbs (50th percentile). Click here to see her latest growth chart.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Funny things kids say

The other day Mom heard this funny conversation:

Hazel: "One day when Turner and I are married and I'm President..."
Mom: "Hazel, you can't marry your brother"
Hazel: "Why not?"
Mom: "Its against the law"
Hazel: "Well, when I'm President, I'm going to change the law"