Monday, October 5, 2015

Six Flags!

We got to a do a pretty fun thing this weekend. Dad's company rented out the Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio for a whole day, so we drove down there to spend the day in the amusement park.

All of us were very excited. This was Turner's first trip to Six Flags, and it had been several years since Hazel and I had been. We were excited about all of the rides.

When we first got to the park, we saw HUGE roller coasters that were loud and went really fast and upside down. We weren't so sure about that, but Mom assured us that those weren't the rides we were going on.

The first small ride we encountered was the Tea Cups. Dad rode with Hazel Turner rode with Mom, and I decided to watch. Turner, Mom, and Hazel had a great time. Dad didn't feel so great afterwards. I guess he doesn't like being dizzy.

After that, we headed further into the park and went on a few more rides. We went on some swings (see picture above) and a school bus that went into the air. Dad took us kids on the ferris wheel, which Mom skipped because it went up pretty high. Them Mom took Hazel and Turner on another dizzy ride while Dad and I watched. They laughed the whole time. Mom said that was her favorite ride of the day, and she was surprised Hazel and Turner liked such a wild ride.

We did a few more kids rides before going to a lunch picnic. The food was pretty good but we were ready to get back to the rides.

After lunch, we went on the Bugs Bunny water log ride. Hazel was a little scared but in the end she decided to ride with us. She really didn't like the drop at the end. I wasn't crazy about it either. Turner thought it was pretty fun, and he loved getting wet. Mom screamed her head off during the drop.

After that we all wanted to go on the bumper cars, but Turner wasn't tall enough to do it. He was really mad. Dad took me and Turner on a bunch more kids rides, including airplanes and a kid-size roller coaster, while Mom and Hazel rode on the bumper cars. Mom let Hazel drive, which apparently she wasn't allowed to do. They stopped the whole ride to tell Mom to cut it out. Way to go Hazel!

We did another water ride in which all of us boys got really wet, while Hazel and Mom stayed relatively dry. Dad pretended to be annoyed that he was wet, and Hazel was annoyed that she stayed dry.

Hazel got pretty excited to realize that she was tall enough to go on some of the adult rides. Dad was super excited to take her on the SkyScreamer and the Roadrunner Express. (Clicking on the links will let you see videos of what it feels like to be on the rides). Hazel loved them, and even rode on the RoadRunner Express twice, once with Dad, then with Mom. Mom wasn't so crazy about the roller coaster. She said she's never trusting Hazel about rides again, and roller coasters are Dad's job from now on.

We finished the day at the park by riding on the train around the park. Turner was practically asleep at that point, and all of us were pretty tired. It had been a really fun day.

We drove home, but on the way we stopped at Buc-ee's and picked up some dinner and a few treats. Mom really likes that place.