Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Fun with Friends

Birthday party at the Thinkery

One of the things we were looking forward to coming home to while on our trip was our friends. We missed them while we were away, so when we got back, we spent some quality time with all of them, and went to loads of birthday parties.

We went swimming with Ethan, Travis and their mommy quite a few times. We also had lots of play dates with them. Both Mom and Miss Emily did science experiments with us. We made an explosion with Miss Emily and a volcano with Mom.

Miss Emily told Mom about a farm camp Ethan went to, and Hazel told Mom she wanted to go with him sometime. So one Friday, she joined him. They played with baby bunnies, swam in a pond, fed some animals, and did lots of other farm things. She had so much fun, I went along with them the next Friday. Then we went together the next week too. Next year we will go earlier in the summer so we have enough time to go more often.

Sleepover in our toy room!
We also had play dates with our friend Hannah, who was in my kindergarten class last year. She even came over for a sleepover one night. She and Hazel dressed Turner up and called him “little sister.” Then we each made a pizza for dinner before watching the movie “Frozen.” Mom made cookies with ice cream, too!

We were excited to catch up with our friends Ender, who is in my grade, and his sister Felix, who is Turner’s age. One day we all played at their house. Another day, when it had been raining, they came to our house and we all played in the mud!

Botanical Garden
Another time, while Hazel and Turner went to preschool, Mom took Ender and me to the dinosaur island at the Botanical Garden, then to the dino pit at the Austin Nature and Science Center. We had a blast digging up dinosaur fossils, hiking around and playing in a creek. We will definitely go back once it cools off a little bit, and I told Mom I really liked having Ender along for the fun.

Toward the end of summer, while Dad was out of town, we all went with Ender, Felix and their mom to a hiking trail. We found a fun place in Bull Creek to play in. Mom wasn’t prepared for that, so we all had to ride home in our underwear and she had to wash our new sneakers for us!

Mud Day!
Hazel has been excited to go to kindergarten but also sad to say goodbye to some of her preschool friends, so we got together with a couple of them before school started. One day we met up at a bounce house. Another day we met at Quarry Splash Pad. Mom enjoyed getting to know their moms better, and it was a nice way for Hazel to wrap up her time with them at preschool, since none of them will go to our school.

We feel very grateful to have such great friends, and it was a blast hanging out with them this summer!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Seventh Birthday to Me

Good morning! I'm 7 today!
The day after we came home from our trip gave us a real reason to celebrate – it was my seventh birthday!

The King of the Seventh Birthday
We started the day with present opening, an activity I spread out over the next few days. I received lots of great stuff, including a Kindle Fire, lots of fact books, encyclopedias, art supplies, science kits, and books about dinosaurs, and games about dinosaurs and maps.

I couldn't wait for my party!
We spent the rest of the day swimming and preparing for my birthday dinner. I wanted to eat at home and had a few special requests, orange chicken from Costco and Razzleberry Pie from Marie Callendars. Our friends Emily, Ethan and Travis joined us for dinner, pie and more presents. It was great seeing them and celebrating together!

Blowing out my cake with my assistant, John.
About a week later, my birthday culminated with a party with lots of friends, water, pizza and dinosaur-topped dirt cake at Quarry Splash Pad. We all had a really great time. 

The QSP scene

I had a blast turning seven! Don't forget to check out all the photos from my birthday celebrations. There are lots of good ones!