Monday, February 13, 2012


Hazel is a hilarious kid. Here are some funny things she said lately.

While sitting on the potty, she told Dad, "Sometimes bees give you honey, and sometimes they don't because they don't have any hands."

When Mom picked her up from school Wednesday: "I put a rock in my nose and it made me sneeze." This was followed by a huge grin.

We saw a tow truck one day. When it passed us, she asked Mom, "What happened to the foot truck?"

We have a book that talks about night monkeys. The other day she asked Mom when we'll see the morning monkeys.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No hippies allowed

Lately, Dad has been giving me a hard time about my hair because it was getting pretty long. He said I am turning into a hippie, which Mom and I really liked. In fact, from time to time I suddenly yelled, "I am turning into a hippie," yelling "hippie" in a high pitched voice. It made Mom laugh and Dad roll his eyes every time.

Anyway, when I came home from school Tuesday, Mom and I finally conceded and cut my hair. At least it will make my hair easier to wash, plus I am cute no matter what.


Friday, February 10, 2012

From crawling to sitting

Last Saturday morning, Feb. 4, Mom was watching Turner crawl around and noticed that he has been trying to figure out how to go from crawling to sitting for a long time.

That afternoon, she noticed he suddenly figured it out. He seems pretty psyched about it because now he can crawl to the toys he likes and sit up and really play with them.

He also started eating Cheerios and broccoli and joined our smoothie club this week.

Good job, Turner!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A visit from Oma

Two weekends ago, we had a visitor from Boston -- Oma! We hadn't seen her in a while, so it was nice she could come.

As soon as Oma got here Friday afternoon, she wanted to take us to the toy store so we could each choose a toy. I decided to replace my broken toy vacuum, which was really bothering me. Hazel picked a toy drum, which came with a harmonica she really likes. Ever since we saw a jazz band playing at my school, Hazel has told us she wants to play the drums when she grows up, so she is super excited to not have to wait that long. Turner got some plug covers, which we hope will keep him safe and out of trouble. Obviously, he did not have much say in this decision.

The next day Mom, Oma, Hazel, Turner and I hopped in the car, headed for Waco. Our destination was the zoo! We saw lots of fun animals. I especially liked the bald eagles and Hazel enjoyed the giraffes. Turner was just happy to be outside. After the zoo, we stopped at Jimmy Johns for a late lunch. Mom loves that place but the last time she'd been there was when I was in her tummy, and we found that I really love turkey sandwiches. I also thought it was funny to read all the signs on the wall to Mom and Oma, including one that said, "Don't forget your pickle" and another, "No hippies allowed." The day was a lot of fun.

Sunday was our last day with Oma because she left before we even woke up Monday morning. We took it easier that day and just went over to our park. It was nice, as always. That evening, Dad took Hazel and me to a dinner at a neighbor's house while Mom and Turner took Oma out to dinner at a yummy nearby Mediterranean buffet.  Our neighbors had a big party for a bunch of the neighborhood kids - it was really fun.  They had a ton of fun toys for us to play with.  I put together a jigsaw puzzle of a school bus, and Hazel played with a bunch of trains.  It was a good time.

One fun thing about visitors is we eat a lot of yummy food while they are here. This time we had Taco Cabana, Terra Burger, and Freebirds. We didn't have time for Rudy's, so Oma had to pick some up Sunday night to take home with her!

It was nice seeing Oma and we hope she can come again soon!