Saturday, February 19, 2011

Other fun things of late

We wanted to tell you about some other fun things that have happened lately that we forgot to mention in our last post.

Hazel and I have been very musical lately. Last weekend, when Mommy was working a lot, Dad took us to a concert at a coffee shop. The performer was Neal Kassanoff and the Groundwork Music Orchestra.

Hazel danced the whole time and really wowed everyone. We've both been dancing a lot lately in general, and since the concert, have been listening and dancing more to this guy's CDs. You can hear his music here. We recommend (and like singing and dancing to) "Clap Your Hands" and "Jump."

We have also been bringing songs home from school. Hazel sings a song that goes, "Hazel, Hazel, jump up and down." I have been singing an "I love you" song and Hickory Dickory Dock.

We found more great music on You Tube too. I really like "The Elephant Song," and Hazel's favorite is "Dance Like an Animal." "The Elephant Song" really appeals to my sense of humor. Lately I have really been cracking up if Mom sings the alphabet wrong too.

We both have been saying more funny things too. Hazel says, "Good job, Hazel," anytime she draws a picture. The other day I asked Mom what time the baby is coming out of her tummy.

Hazel used the potty again this morning! Unfortunately, she stealthily took her diaper off and used Dad and Mom's bed first. We focused on the positive though and are happy she was trying.

Speaking of diapers, our diapers for the new baby came yesterday. We can't believe anyone's bum could be so tiny! Mom said she forgot how little they are; there are about a million of them in a small box. She put one on one of our doll babies and sat it on the table while we ate dinner, which Hazel and I thought was really funny.

Click here for some pictures of a day outside yesterday and some fun we had with a Valentine's Day gift.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A momentus occasion

We've had a crazy few weeks. Two weeks ago we were playing outside a lot because it was in the 70s every day. By the end of the week though, it was so cold our pipes froze and we had snow. We went outside to check it out but did not like it very much. Mom thought we'd have a good time playing in it but instead we cried until she took us inside.

Also over the snowy weekend, Hazel got a haircut. She did not like it very much, but now her bangs aren't in her eyes.

She is also climbing on things like crazy and talking a lot more. This morning she said to Mom, "Get up out of bed!" Later, she told us she had to poop. Mom asked if she wanted to go in the potty and she said yes. And then she did it! When Hazel did it, she laughed. Afterward, we cheered for her. It was very exciting -- especially since I still don't want anything to do with the potty -- and here's hoping it's the start of a trend.

I've been saying a lot of funny things lately too, like, "Vultures are the best birds in the world." My reading and writing are really getting amazing too. Today we made daddy a birthday card and I wrote "Dad" on it all by myself, without Mom telling me to do it or how to spell it. I also told Mom they were having a birthday party for Dad at his work today, which they thought was very funny and cute.

To see photos of our latest fun, including a really fun gymnastics birthday party we went to last weekend, click here.