Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Handstand Hazel
So you've heard all about my run club and rock climbing class. While I've been busy with that, Hazel has been taking gymnastics and Turner has been taking a class at the gym called Sports Sampler, which is a class about a different sport each week.

Hazel really loves gymnastics and is great at it. She does all kinds of things; she jumps on giant trampolines, does hand stands, walks on a balance beam, climbs, and swings around on ropes and bars. She practices cartwheels at home all the time. She started taking it in the summer after we returned from our road trip and recently signed up to take it again in the spring. Special thanks to Bubbe for helping pay for her classes as Hazel's birthday present.

Gymnastics day at Sports Sampler
Turner is so excited about Sports Sampler too. Every day he asks what day it is so he can figure out whether he has his class. At the end of each class he tells Mom he wishes he could take it every day.

So far he has done soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tee ball and a bunch of other things. He is the only kid besides the teacher's two daughters. One of the girls is named Hazel, which he thinks is really funny. His teacher uses lots of songs in the class and tons of imagination. They do lots of funny, imaginative things with scarves, scooters, hula hoops and other PE class-type items. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fantastic Fall Weekend

We just had a really great weekend to start the fall (yeah, fall starts a little late in Austin).

Friday morning I went to school early for my run club. Run club is an activity sponsored by our PE coach at my school on Friday mornings to encourage kids to run. They play fun music while we run laps and get lots of encouragement. Then at the end we get to record how far we've  gone each week. Each week I've been increasing the number of laps I've run by one. I did six last week, so my goal was seven this week. To help encourage me, Dad came with me and we ran together. We beat our goal and did eight laps! That's two miles! I wasn't too tired when we were done, by Dad looked a little sweaty. He was happy to be able to get a workout in before going to work. Plus, we both had a great time spending time together in the morning.

Friday night, we watched Kentucky's first basketball game of the year.  It was fun to watch again, and we got to stay up late. Kentucky won. Yay!

Saturday morning was a really special occasion. It was Hazel's consecration ceremony, which marks the formal beginning of her Jewish education (even though she was in kindergarten Sunday school last year). Here's the post about mine last year. We all went to cheer her on. They called her up, mentioned her Hebrew name, Chasya Bina (protected and wise), and gave her her own little Torah. We were very proud of her.

After the consecration ceremony, we went to Fiesta Texas to celebrate. We had gotten free tickets from Dad's company picnic there last month. We were excited to go on all the rides again. When we first got there, Mom, Hazel, and Turner went on the kids' swings. Since there were three of them, Mom sat with Turner, and Hazel sat with a bigger girl. She talked the girl's ear off on the ride.

Then Dad took all us kids on the Ferris wheel where we got a great view of the whole park. Then Mom took Turner and Hazel on some dizzy rides - the Wave Runner and the Hustler. I got to pick the next ride, so I picked some rides in the kids section - the Kiddee Koaster, ZoomJets, and Buckarooz. After that, we split up for a bit. Hazel and Dad went on some more grown-up rides, like the 200 foot tall Sky Screamer and the 35mph Road Runner Express. Dad liked that. Mom, me, and Turner stuck with more kids rides. It was a long day, and we were all pretty tired heading home.

Sunday my Cub Scout Den went on a hike. Dad was leading the hike for the den, and Mom, Hazel, and Turner came along. All of us had a lot of fun, splashing through water and mud, finding fossils and little stone, and climbing up big rocks.

I can't wait to see what we do next weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Rock climbing and videographer

Hazel is practicing film-making. She made this video of me in my rock climbing class: