Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hazel's first visit with Grandma

Grandma came to visit us this week, and we're having an awesome time. We've been doing lots of my favorite thing - reading books - and Sunday she took me to the park, where we had loads of fun. After my nap Sunday, we welcomed her to Austin by taking Grandma out to dinner at Shady Grove, where people are keeping Austin weird (there was a kid there with a scary two-headed doll) and where they have fantastic blackberry cobbler. Grandma was nice enough to share hers with me. As you can see, I loved it!

Monday was a special day because it was Grandma's birthday! We celebrated by slave driving her - she took me to the grocery store in the morning so Mom could take a nap. The afternoon was fun because we went to Whole Foods, then had a nice dinner from Freebirds. I hear there was some cake involved, but that must have been after I went to bed. We are all really glad we got to share Grandma's birthday with her.

Mom, Grandma and Hazel dropped me off at school Tuesday, and I came home to some fun surprises from the book store - Cat in the Hat for me and Guess How Much I Love You for Hazel. Both books are nice, and I hope I can one day convince Hazel that we should share.

Mom's birthday was last week, the day after Hazel's. She got some gift cards and so far I have really benefited from them. Tuesday we went to get the mail and I was surprised to find a Word Whammer, a toy that looks like an airplane with magnetic letters. When I put the letters in the plane, it tells me what letter it is and what sounds each letter makes. There is also a button that sings the alphabet when I push it. I really like playing with it, so much that Grandma and Mom caught me walking around singing the tune to the A B C song Wednesday.

Wednesday we got off to a slow start because Mom and Hazel were up partying all night (which led Dad and Mom to agree to start giving her a pacifier), but we eventually went to Ikea to shop for Mom's birthday presents from Dad and me. We finished our shopping with a nice lunch Grandma packed, which we ate in the store's cafe. Mom said Grandma was very smart to have brought my watermelon, avocado, yogurt and cheese, as well as a nice chicken salad sandwich for Mom. Mom can't stop eating because she feeds our other little voracious eater, Hazel. In fact, the sandwich, which Mom ate while feeding Hazel at Ikea, was Mom's lunch #1. She came home for round two - squash ragout with chicken and rice - which she conquered while I took a nap. After that, I had an exciting afternoon hanging out with Grandma and Hazel while Mom ran a few quick errands.

Hazel is getting bigger. We are having a good time seeing how cute she is in all her little girl clothes, and are amazed at how many diapers she goes through. From Thursday to Monday she went through a whole pack - 40 diapers.

It is good Grandma came to visit because she confirmed Mom's suspicion that Hazel has dimples. Speaking of Grandma, she has noticed lots of things she thought we should mention here on our blog, since she doesn't see me every day like Mom and Dad. She pointed out that any time someone says, "Osh Kosh B'Gosh," I laugh my head off. She also said when they sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," I applaud, my eyes light up, and my smile is huge.

Wednesday, Grandma pointed out that I seem to know when it's almost time for Daddy to come home from work. She said with every sound I hear, I get excited and run around shouting, "Da Da!" Hazel can tell time too, especially "scream o' clock," which Mommy lovingly calls "happy hour."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A good big brother

Yesterday I made Mom and Dad really proud. Mom was trying to get me to go upstairs but I didn't want to because I was playing with my toys. Hazel was upstairs in her crib while I was finishing lunch. All of a sudden I heard a cry coming from the kitchen. I pointed in the direction of the sound, and Mom showed me that it was the baby monitor. Mom said we needed to go upstairs so we could help Hazel, and I went right away. When we got upstairs, I pointed to Hazel's room, and ran in to get her. When I got there, I ran to her crib and pointed at her. Then while Mom fed her lunch, I played with my toys and read some books. Mom and Dad are really proud that I am such an concerned and helpful big brother.

Overall I am adjusting pretty well to having a little sister, although I was a bit cranky at school yesterday. It could be worse though - Mom and Dad gave Hazel her first bath while I was in class. It sounds like she didn't like it very much. Here's a picture of her afterwards.

Mom, Dad, Hazel, and I took our first full family outing today (no Peepa though). We took a trip to the grocery store. We got to try out our new double stroller, which we now call the beast, aka the school bus. It worked out okay, but Mom and Dad need some more practice with it.

Tonight, our friend Lara brought over her son Clark for me to play with. Clark and I have always had fun playing together and it was especially good to see him now so that I could show off my new baby sister. Lara and Clark also brought us a delicious dinner which we all appreciated very much.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome Hazel!

This is the most exciting thing I've gotten to write about in my blog since I was born. My parents got me a little sister! Hazel Isabelle was born on April 18, 2009 at 3:59am. She was 7 lbs 8 oz, 20.1 inches, with a 33cm head size; so much, much bigger than I was at birth. Mom and Dad said she came out hungry and he has been a voracious little eater so far.

Hazel was born the day before Mom's birthday - what a great birthday present. Mom and Dad worked really hard to get out of the hospital on the 19th so we could all spend Mom's birthday together at home. Aunt Lauren, my friend Janie, and my friend Zhenya all helped watch me while Mom and Dad were in the hospital. They did a great job, and I had a lot of fun with them.

Since Hazel's been home, we've gotten to spend a lot of time together. She seems to really look up to me. Although I was a little skeptical Sunday night, after a good night's sleep, today I decided I am definitely interested in watching her too. At dinner tonight, I just kept watching her and laughing. I especially like her feet, which are fun to touch. I am excited to have a little sister. Mom and Dad have their hands full right now with both of us. Dad is taking off work this week, and then Grandma comes into town for a while.

Hazel is not very talkative yet, so she has asked me to do the talking for us. So, we'll be giving updates on both of us through this blog. We are adding a new feature though - the Hazel growth chart on the right side of the blog.

Here are all of the pictures we've taken since Hazel was born.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The boy who saved Passover

Mom and Dad have their hands full right now, anticipating my new sister, so they didn't make big plans for Passover. Luckily, I had it under control. I made a seder plate and afikomen bag in school, and we were able to use them in a mini-seder for the first night of Passover. I liked hearing Daddy read the Passover story and eating lots of brisket, broccoli and matzah. Aunt Lauren joined us, so that made it extra special.

Speaking of Aunt Lauren, she came to our house Tuesday night when I was asleep. It was a fun surprise to wake up to her Wednesday morning. To celebrate her arrival, we went to South Austin yesterday. I had a chicken sandwich from my favorite burger place and Mom and Aunt Lauren had cake shakes from Holy Cacao, a new place that sells chocolate treats out of a trailer. The weather was perfect and we sat with Peepa at a picnic table in the shade. It was nice to have lunch outside, to get out of the house, and to enjoy a nice afternoon with Aunt Lauren and Peepa.

Another fun thing we've been enjoying lately is the new cat we've adopted - sort of. Maybe she's adopted us instead. A few weeks ago, Mom took care of our neighbors' cats while they were out of town, and now one of them comes over to visit us almost every day. Matty's not here to bark at her, so I think she's not scared of us anymore. Yesterday Mom and I spotted her through the window so we went out to say hi. We picked a long weed that she liked playing with and pet her. She meowed at us, let us pet her and rubbed her head on our legs. I thought it was so funny, I laughed and jumped up and down, which scared her away. Peepa also likes her and would like to play with her, but she scares the kitty away too. Maybe soon the kitty will understand Peepa and I are just excited to see her.

Today Mom woke up with some ideas of how to help me become a more civilized human being. First she raised my booster seat and served my breakfast at the table instead of on my tray, as usual. I enjoyed my banana, milk and pancake over a place mat with some fun animals on it. Then when I threw the place mat on the floor, she gave me some cantaloupe in a bowl. It was nice to eat at the same place as Mom, but not much different from eating at a restaurant. The really fun part was coloring at the table after I finished eating.

Next, Mom and Aunt Lauren took me outside for something really new - my first haircut!!! Mom was very sad, but she said I was starting to look a little too wild, even for her taste. I had a couple of dreadlocks and she says, while it's fun, I'm too young for that scene. They put me in my booster seat, we went out on the deck, and after wetting and trying to comb my hair, Mom cut it while Aunt Lauren took pictures, advised Mom, held my face and hands and said nice, soothing things to me. I can't say I loved the experience, but I didn't totally freak out, as Mom was expecting. After they were done, Aunt Lauren took me to the mirror so I could check out my new look. I can't say I noticed a difference, but Mom said I look like a big boy, not a baby anymore, and she thinks it's still pretty curly. She's kind of sad, but said I look nice and will be cooler in the heat this way.

Here are a few pictures from Aunt Lauren's first day here, breakfast at the table and my haircut.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shoes for my fast little feet

About two weeks ago, our friend Francois visited with us from California during SXSW, a big film/music/multimedia conference and event here in Austin. He was nice enough to make time in his busy schedule to have breakfast with me and Mom and to take this picture of us. It was fun seeing him and we hope he comes back soon!

Today Dad had to fix the ceiling fan in my room so Mom and I split the scene. We went to some nearby shopping outlets so I could find some new shoes for summer. I went up a size and a half - a 6 and a half wide! - since we last got shoes, which really wasn't that long ago. Mom was shocked. She doesn't always believe how fast I am growing. Anyway, now I have some nice new sandals that will be cool in the hot weather and big enough for my giant feet.

Mom and Dad are getting ready to have my new sister, and tonight they went out for a last hurrah. Our nice neighbor, Candace, stayed with me. It was great. She and her son Jared gave me delicious watermelon and we had a great time playing. I showed her my toys, books and how fast I can run. She told Mom and Dad it was good they warned her to keep the gates by the stairs closed at all times because I am so speedy, I got away from her once.

My teachers at school also keep telling Mom I've been very sneaky lately. Every time I'm there we spend some time playing outside, where they have an area for kids my age as well as another area and playscape for bigger kids. I really want to play on the big playscape and I keep trying to slip over there when they aren't looking. Maybe one day they'll realize how fun it'd be and let me play there.