Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here's Waldo!

Here is where Mom found Hazel:

As you can see, Hazel did not look amused when she woke up to the sound of Mom cracking up and taking pictures of the situation:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where's Waldo?

One day Mom went into Hazel's room to wake Hazel up from her nap. Here is what Hazel's room looked like that day:

Hazel is not a neat freak.

No only is Hazel a slob, she has an avant-garde approach to sleeping. Occasionally, she sleeps in her bed. More often, she sleeps on the floor in various places, in her bean bag, or wherever.

So Mom wasn't initially alarmed, but when it took her more than a minute or two to find Hazel, she started freaking out a little.

See if you can find Hazel. If not, check back tomorrow for the answer.

Monday, February 18, 2013

February: Time to celebrate!

We’ve had a lot to celebrate so far in February.

The biggest thing was yesterday, which was Dad’s birthday. We had a great day. While we let him sleep in Sunday morning, we made muffins for breakfast, then snuck out to the store to get ingredients for his favorite, ice cream cake. We made cards and cake for him when we got back, all before he woke up!

Hazel and I hung out with Dad and made hamentaschen, cookies for the Jewish holiday Purim, while Turner went down for an early nap. Then we all ran an errand together, he opened presents and we ate cake, then had a fun dinner at Dad’s favorite place, Freebirds.

Hazel, post-Valentine's Day party
Our day ended on a really exciting note, when a bunch of firemen showed up at the restaurant. While a few of them ran in to pick up their food, they gave us a tour of their truck, gave us stickers and turned on their siren for us as they left the parking lot. It was great. The funny thing is, this is the second time this has happened while we were eating at Freebirds. These guys were from a different station than the first ones we met. Mom said firemen must really love Freebirds.

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day this week. It was a blast. Hazel and I each had parties and brought home big bags of cards and goodies. We also had a party at home, when we ate ice cream and opened presents. It was very fun.

Early in the week, we all came down with a stomach bug. The day we felt better was Bubbe’s birthday. So we celebrated her big day and the fact that our tummies felt better by eating cake!

Dad’s been traveling for work lately, and the day he came back from California was another great day. When we heard he was heading home from the airport, we headed out to the driveway to welcome him home with sidewalk chalk drawings, including a man I drew for him. I also drew some street signs and wrote “Dad.”

Dad's home!
In other news, Turner’s had an adventurous month. One day when our swim class was ending, he jumped in the pool, fully clothed. Five minutes later when we were in the bathroom, he pushed the button that is meant for emergencies. One of the staff members unlocked the door and came in to make sure we were okay. Also, Turner figured out how to open doorknobs this month.

For photos of our fun, click here.